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See why some of the most successful Dental Sleep Practices are powering their relationships with the first and only Dentist to Doctor Relationship Management tool created specifically for Sleep Dentists and their teams.

Dream and the Bottom Line

Relationships Drive Referrals. DDRM helps you maintain the relationships that drive your practice.

See your Opportunities Quickly

Know where you need to spend your time- and the best way to spend it.

Referral Reports and Data Anaylsis

Is a particular MD referring more this month? Less? Stopped referring all together? Find out as it happens and get in front of it.

See Referral trends in Real Time.

Know which Specialties, which Areas, and which Practices your referrals are coming from - in a click.

Outreach Tools

Don't waste time driving around, our routing that saves you time. Plan your day around where you will be with our Areas tool. Recording so you can keep track of what happened. Reports to keep your team accountable.

Routing to make the day make sense.

Reports to hold everyone accountable.

Small Group Classes

Want to get advice from people who do this everyday for a living? DDRM sponsors FREE classes on the last Friday of every month at 3pm CST.

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Get a custom CRM for less than a routing app. All Plans include full service onboarding, so you don't have to spend any of your time. We will load all of your current contacts with addresses, referrals, and areas. We will quickly train your team, and integrate your EMR all for you. We will give you the access to videos on how to do everything you need to hold your team accountable.

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See why some of the most successful Sleep Dentists are using DDRM to power their outreach.

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